Barack Obama is in his final days as President of the United States, but he’s as popular as he ever was in the position, according to a new poll.

A survey conducted by CNN/ORC and released early Wednesday reveals that Obama has an approval rating of 60 percent. By comparison, in Gallup Polls his predecessor, George W. Bush, had a 34 percent approval rating, while Bill Clinton left office with a 66 percent approval.

First Lady Michelle Obama did even better than her husband with 69 percent of those surveyed saying they approve of her role.

A majority of those polled saying that he has done well in areas including the economy, climate change and the environment, foreign affairs, education, LGBTQ policy, scoring 60 percent or better. In health care, his handling of ISIS, his response to terrorism, immigration and foreign affairs, Obama scored between 40 percent and 60 percent.

About 25 percent of Americans surveyed say Obama is one of the nation’s greatest presidents, far above that of Ronald Reagan (11 percent) or Clinton (10 percent). But almost that same number called Obama a poor president, about 23 percent. That’s still better than those who felt that way about Bush on his last day in the White House, about 46 percent.

About 57 percent of survey participants approve of Obama’s job with race relations. Around 81 percent of Black felt that way, but only 47 percent of Whites agreed.

The poll was also split along partisan lines. Among Democrats, 95 percent approve how he handled the presidency, while only 18 percent of Republicans feel that way. Also, 54 percent of Democrats say he’s one of the greatest presidents, but 54 percent of Republicans regard him as poor.

Overall, Obama is leaving as one of the most well-liked people ever to hold the Oval Office with 58 percent telling pollsters, “I’ll miss him when he’s gone.”

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