Conservative "journalist" Andrew Breitbart's unexpected death came shortly after he promised to release video footage of President Barack Obama that he claimed would change the course of the upcoming election. Now, BuzzFeed has unearthed the video it believes Breitbart was referring to, and if this is indeed the footage in question…it isn't really controversial at all. 

The 1991 video, which BuzzFeed licensed from WGBH Boston, features a young Obama speaking in support of Harvard's first tenured Black law professor, Derrick Bell. Bell was staging a protest over the lack of Black female professors at the school, and was taking an unpaid leave of absence until Harvard hired a woman of color. Obama, who was then president of the Harvard Law Review, is shown praising Bell, while the professor stands nearby and a crowd cheers.

Obama actually doesn't sound too off from how he does today, though he's vastly improved in his public speaking. He was just as charismatic as he is now, as you can see the future President of the United States flattering Bell's "good looks" and the "excellence of his scholarship."

If this is indeed what Breitbart was warning us about, is it actually enough to turn the political tides for President Obama? Or will it merely be more fodder for those who think he's a secret Black nationalist rebel in the first place?