Former President Barack Obama spoke at a Democratic rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Friday afternoon. It was his first public appearance since a suspicious package was addressed to him.

Hours before the rally Cesar Sayoc Jr., the suspect MAGA Bomber, was arrested in Plantation, Florida in connection to the suspicious packages sent to Obama and other top Democrats.

During the rally, Obama encouraged the crowd to go out and vote on Nov. 6.

“I am here for one simple reason,” the 44th president said. “I am here to ask you to vote. To vote in what might be the most important election in our lifetime.”

He told the crowd, “The healthcare of millions is on the ballot. Making sure that working-class families get a fair shake is on the ballot. … Maybe most of all the character of our country is on the ballot.”

Obama also hit back at President Donald Trump’s constant comparison of his presidency. “Think back to where we were a decade ago. We had been through one of those conservative periods and Republicans had been cutting taxes for the rich. They had been cutting rules for big banks and we got hit with the worst financial crisis in our lifetime,”

He continued, “Democrats had to come in and clean it up. I don’t know how it is we have such a short memory. They did exactly what they’re doing now and it blew up. Then we had to go clean it up and we got the economy growing again. It’s been growing ever since by the way. So, when folks talk about right now that, ‘The economy is doing so well.’ Where do you think that started?”

The former president also addressed the policies his administration made to improve America including healthcare, jobs and tax breaks for the middle class in comparison to Trump’s discriminatory health care policies and tax cuts for the rich.

Obama shared his support for Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers, who is running against incumbent Scott Walker for governor. According to CBS, Wisconsin is a critical state in the coming midterms because during the presidential elections in 2016, the stat swang to support Trump by a very small margin.