On Wednesday, the Obama Foundation submitted development plans as well as applications for former President Barack Obama‘s presidential library, The Hill reports.

The library will be housed in Chicago and will include a museum building that is 235 feet tall. A forum building for community events and programming, an athletic center for the community, outdoor plaza and library building will also be built in honor of Obama’s legacy.

The building of the space is expected to commence later this year and faculty are expected to open the library’s doors in 2021. The presidential library will be housed on the city’s South Side in the Jackson Park neighborhood.


Obama, who was originally born in Hawaii, lived in Chicago after college. He stayed in the city, met his wife Michelle and became as a community organizer before becoming an Illinois representative.

Until he made history by becoming the nation’s first African-American president in 2008, the Obamas maintained a permanent residence in the city’s Kenwood community.

“Michelle and I want this center to be more than just a building. We want to create an economic engine for the South Side of Chicago,” Obama said in a video address announcing the news.

Changes to the library’s plans include switching up the museum building’s design, adding additional landscaped paths and relocating the parking facility.

The Chicago Planning Commission, as well as other city panels, must still approve of the designs.


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