Last year the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup. This past January, President Barack Obama honored the team at The White House as every president does for every major championship team. However, Boston goalie Tim Thomas refused to attend the ceremony with the rest of his team because of some fundamental differences he has with President Obama and/or his government policies. Despite being named the Stanley Cup MVP last year, Thomas refused to grace the White House lawn with his presence and at the time, wrote in a Facebook post that he believes the government “has grown out of control.”

Washington DC fans never forget. Monday night in Washington as the Bruins took the ice to play the Capitals in an NHL playoff game, fans taunted the Tea Party goalkeeper with what else? Obama masks. The effort was kicked off by local blog, Russian Machine Never Breaks, which went so far as to post .pdfs of Obama masks for fans to wear.

For all the harassment, Thomas seemed unfazed as he had 29 saves on 32 shots in a Boston 4-3 win to go up 2-1 in the series against the Capitals.