The Chicago neighborhood where former President Barack Obama’s presidential center will reside upon its completion is experiencing an increase in home sales.

The Chicago Tribune reports the Jackson Park Highlands will not only be home to the center, but the proposed multi million-dollar Tiger Woods golf course.

While the community remained virtually under the radar, it’s no surprise that more people have started to not just take notice of Jackson Park, but take action.

The community’s proximity to both the Obama center and the University of Chicago, which launched a homeownership assistance program have further the increase in interest. As a result, doctors, professors, lawyers and others are becoming more interested in homes that cost the same as a three-bedroom condo in another community.

Jackson Park was announced as the selected site of the presidential center in July 2016. The following year, the neighboring community of Woodlawn was declare a “hot” neighborhood by national real estate brokerage site,

For the last three years, 11 percent of homes in Jackson Park have been sold, property records reflect.