Just recently, President Barack Obama‘s campaign raised $5 million at his 100th New York fundraiser. The main event, which was a $35,000 a plate dinner at ABC kitchen, came weeks after raising $1.5 million in Harlem at another campaign event. But, raising dollars is no difficult feat for the incumbent president: In 2008 he raised a whopping $409.2 million in campaign funds. Political analysts believe his ties to technology and social media were an integral part of his win. On the flip side, Republican hopefuls haven’t raised nearly as much—with Mitt Romney at $63.7 million and Ron Paul at $31.1million.

As a new Obama for America headquarters opens in Des Moines, Iowa this week, it’s believed that this time around younger supporters will be more involved in his possible reelection. A NBC News/Marist poll found that Obama leads against his opponents in a hypothetical general election in Ohio where his campaign team has spoken to some 650,000 voters. With Super Tuesday being today, it will be interesting to see how the president’s success will translate for the Republican nominees.

Things look good for the president now, but how could the climate change in the next couple of months?