On Tuesday, former President Barack Obama made his long-awaited return to the White House for the first time since leaving office in 2017 to celebrate the Affordable Care Act, Reuters reports.

In front of a crowd of Congress members and administration staffers in the East Room, Obama joked about the cats that currently occupy the White House

"A cat is running around which I guarantee you Bo and Sunny would have been very unhappy about," he said, speaking of his family's dogs.

He then lauded the Affordable Care Act, saying it was a "high point" of his time in office.

"If you can get millions of people health coverage and better protection, it is, to quote a famous American, a pretty ... big deal," Obama said referring to Biden's remark when the law was signed.

Also known as “Obamacare,” the law is Obama’s greatest legislative accomplishment; it has survived several attempts by Republicans to repeal it.

"But what the Affordable Care Act shows is that if you are driven by the core idea that, together, we can improve the lives of this generation and the next, and if you're persistent ... you can have an impact on millions of lives," Obama continued.

PresidentBiden, who hosted Obama for lunch, saluted the former president—who jokingly called him “vice-president"—before praising his predecessor for his most significant accomplishment.

“The Affordable Care Act has been called a lot of things but Obamacare is the most fitting," Biden said.

Biden unveiled a measure to fix an element of the healthcare law known as the "family glitch" that left family members of those with access to employer-provided health plans ineligible for certain subsidies. He signed an executive order directing federal agencies to do all they could to expand healthcare coverage.

According to the report, the "family glitch" affects some 5 million people and has made it impossible for many families to use the premium tax credit to purchase an affordable, high-quality marketplace plan.