President Barack Obama's post-convention "spike" continued to grow Saturday, as new polls showed him widening a lead over Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The current Commander-in-Chief's lead over Romney among registered voters grew to 49 percent to 45 percent in Gallup's tracking poll. The 49 percent for Obama was his highest point in the survey since late April. It culminated in an increase of 1 point since Friday and a 5-point swing from Romney's 47 percent to 46 percent lead in the Gallup survey just before the Republican convention began.

The poll combines small samples taken each night to present a seven-day average. Since three of the nights of the survey period preceded the Democratic convention, Obama's lead in the survey is likely to grow further. After the Friday release of the unemployment figures, Gallup's measure of job approval also continued to improve for Obama, with 52 percent of adults surveyed saying they approved of his performance in office, compared with 42 percent disapproving.