It’s a little after midnight at McCormick Place in Chicago. But it might as well be high noon for the few thousand supporters of Barack Obama who have are here to celebrate his re-election as President of the United States.

For them, the party is just beginning, their dream continues. They pack the risers and bleachers—any spot they can find—in hopes of getting glimpse of the president. They cheered and cheered and cheered with every positive development throughout the night.

While they wait, the anticipation heightened by the heart-pounding music that blasts from the loud speakers. It was a sight to see Blacks and White dance together to everything from Frankie Beverly to Michael Jackson.

As the party got into full gear, seemed like everyone has a flag, a smile and a sense of joy that comes with a sense of accomplishment, a pride from achieving what many thought couldn’t be done.

Across the country and the world people wondered if Barack Obama was more of a fluke than a phenomenon. That question was answered loud and clearly tonight.

President Obama is the real deal. Now he’s got four more years to fix the mess he was handed when he walked into office. He knows that they next four year will decide his legacy, and the choice of leaders the supporters in McCormick made.

The election may be over. But his work is just beginning. But for some reason, we all feel that he would have it no other way.