With the electricity still in air from President Barack Obama's DNC speech, he has been talking a lot about the future along the campaign trail this year. The one thing his wife really wants to do is revisit the past. In a recent interview with People Magazine for its upcoming issue, the First Lady and her hubby discussed what they'd like to do for their upcoming 20th wedding anniversary, which is on October 3. Mrs. Obama said she'd "want to retrace our honeymoon" to celebrate the milestone. However, since the couple's anniversary falls just a little over a month before election day, it doesn't look like they'll be reliving their California road trip honeymoon through places like Big Sur, Napa, and San Francisco.

The president did tell his wife that they'd celebrate the same way that they did last year for their 19th anniversary — by going out for a nice dinner. The First Lady happily agreed, saying that that would be "heaven." The first couple has celebrated their previous anniversaries with dinners as well, including their first wedding anniversary as POTUS and FLOTUS in 2009.