Having received its best ratings ever from the Kardashian-Humphries wedding that aired this fall, the E! Entertainment network will air the marriage of NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada. The wedding will cap off their upcoming reality series “Ev and Ocho” in a two-part special bound to have its fair share of drama and glam all in one sitting. Look out for the eight-part series set to begin this September.

Seeing as how the Kardashian-Humphries union lasted a mere 72 days, viewers may be more than a little skeptical of any athlete-reality star marriages. There’s also Evelyn’s preference for ballers, having gone from an engagement to a pro basketball player to a pro footballer. Then again, “Basketball Wives” does manage to draw in a loyal and large group of viewers, much in part to Evelyn who has been on the series for four seasons thus far.

Have celebrities “played out” the concept of marriage by placing more effort on the lavish day than on the subsequent partnership? Or, is a celebrity marriage an entirely different beast?