But Iggy had to be saved. Like T.I. had to put on the cape and come get her. Well once her boyfriend Nick Young couldn’t do the job. But it’s bigger than that, it’s about how the mainstream media especially can regurgitate certain stereotypes and paint the picture a certain way. Good on one side, evil on the other. This person’s worthy and deserving of being angry about. The other, ehhhh not so much. Now, Snoop was dead wrong. Point blank. Period. You shouldn’t go around calling women b*tches and c*unts, unless I guess you put it on a rap song. But I digress.

When a White woman cries, the whole world stops. Ignore the fact that this is hip hop, that talking trash, beefing, making diss records is what you’re supposed to do. Someone steps to you. Then you come back harder. Maybe T.I. needs to give Iggy some refresher courses since she wants all the perks of being a Black woman – big booty, the voice, the “swag”. But then when things like this happen, it’s a quick reminder that no, she is in fact a White woman because she gets to be rescued.

Black women on the other hand, we just have to fend for ourselves.