The Miami Herald reports that a veteran Miami police officer shot and killed a homeless man who was threatening him with a pipe at an Overtown park filled with kids on last Thursday, police said. Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes said his officers responded after police received a call about a “violent disturbance” by a park worker, as he was concerned that Fritz Severe, 46, was a threat to the children that played in the park.  Officer Antonio Torres approached Severe, discharged his weapon and fired more than one shot Llanes said. An officer familiar with the investigation said the man died after being taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Though his body was removed quickly, a three-foot long metal pipe remained at the scene, police said. Police said none of the officers at the shooting scene were wearing body cameras. Authorities reviewed video surveillance at the park or if anyone may have recorded the confrontation.

According to the Associated Press, a Florida grand jury will investigate the Jermaine McBean shooting. Homicide detectives have completed their investigation. McBean’s mother accused Peraza and the sheriff of seeking to cover up the facts surrounding McBean’s death, including lying about whether McBean was wearing earbuds, according to a wrongful death lawsuit McBean’s mother filed in federal court in May. The 33-year-old was shot and killed while he carried an unloaded pellet gun and who might have worn earbud headphones at the time, obstructing his ability to hear the police. A photo taken a few feet away shortly after the shooting by a resident demonstrated an earbud in McBean’s left ear. The earbuds were found in McBean’s pocket after paramedics took him to the hospital. Family members said McBean wore earbuds almost always. McBean was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2010, according to the family attorney, David Schoen and had been hospitalized briefly in the days before the shooting. Schoen said he was back to normal after the treatment on July 31, 2013, the day of the shooting.

New Jersey 12 reports that surveillance video of a police-involved shooting in Perth Amboy has been released, a year and a half later after the fatal shooting. Dixon Rodriguez was shot and killed by Perth Amboy police officers after a confrontation on Hall Avenue in early December 2013. The video revealed the 33-year-old talking with two officers who were responding a 911 call. Rodriguez appeared to get into a physical altercation with one of the officers and then the other shot and killed him. Authorities have said Rodriguez was armed with a knife, but Rodriguez’s family disputed it. The Middlesex County prosecutor ruled the police were justified in their use of deadly force. The family of Rodriguez has filed a lawsuit against the police department. Walter Luers, an attorney working on the case, sued to obtain the surveillance video released from prosecutors.