On August 13, a White Salt Lake City police officer, Clinton Fox, fatally shot 50-year-old Patrick Harmon, an African-American.

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, the officer claimed he approached Harmon for riding a bike with a broken tail light. When researching his name in the police database, Fox discovered the Utah man had several arrest warrants, one of which was a $10,000 felony warrant for aggravated assault. Fox called for backup after his database findings, and two additional officers arrived on the scene.

After the law enforcement officials told Harmon they would be arresting him, he begged the officers not to send him to jail. Bodycam surveillance of the incident shows one of the policemen proceeding to handcuff him before he runs from the three men.

When Harmon turned around with a knife pointing to the officers, one prepared to use his stun gun while Fox yelled, “I’ll f**king shoot you” as he began to shoot Harmon three times. The man was declared dead shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sam Gill, who presided over the case, determined Fox’s killing of Harmon was justified in a report released Wednesday afternoon.