Released on Thursday, June 10, the state medical examiner’s report on the death of Andrew Brown Jr. confirmed he was killed by a gunshot to the back of the head.

The autopsy report, which arrives more than a month after Brown’s death, not only contradicts the “false” police narrative surrounding the deadly shooting of Brown, but also supports claims from his family that he was “executed”.

The same conclusion was previously reached following an independent autopsy commissioned by the attorneys representing Brown’s family.

The state’s report and the independent report differ as to how many other gunshot wounds Brown suffered. The state’s report said Brown was shot just one other time (in the arm), and it noted several other bullet holes in Brown’s vehicle trunk, back windshield, and the passenger side rear door and windshield.

The medical examiner also noted in their report that CPR and other first aid appeared to have been given to Brown after he was shot and crashed into a tree. It also lists Brown’s time of death at 8:33 a.m. on April 21, which is just minutes after deputies arrived to serve his warrant for arrest, according to District Attorney Andrew Womble—who decided none of the deputies involved in Brown’s death should face criminal charges.

The three PCSO deputies who fired their weapons, Investigator Daniel Meads, Deputy Robert Morgan and Cpl. Aaron Lewellyn, won’t face charges. The third, Lewellyn, will resign on June 30. He is using leave until that time.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, Bakari Sellers, Harry Daniels, and Chantel Cherry-Lassiter released the following statement after the release of the autopsy last Thursday:

"The autopsy results prove what we've always known to be true: Pasquotank County deputies executed Andrew Brown Jr. with a kill shot to the back of the head. The false narrative that DA Womble has attempted to weave is completely discredited by this autopsy report.

While we are not surprised by the findings, we are both astounded and disgusted that the authorities in this case didn't even have the decency to share these results with the family —we were alerted of their release by the media. Every single opportunity DA Womble has had to do the right thing, he's taken the route of cowardice and deceit. Shame on him.

Despite law enforcement's and the district attorney's best efforts to hide the facts in this case, and paint Andrew as a villain, we are confident that the truth will be revealed and justice will prevail. We will continue to demand release of video footage from the day Andrew was killed, and we won't stop fighting for transparency and accountability from law enforcement and the district attorney. From what we've seen thus far from both parties, we have a long way to go."

Community leaders from Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County traveled to Washington D.C. to share Brown’s story with officials at the United States Department of Justice on June 3. This group asked the DOJ to review the PCSO’s practice and to implement changes to North Carolina laws regarding body camera footage so they’re less restrictive.