Grief: the response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or some living thing that has died, to which a bond or affection was formed. No matter how you define it, mourning the loss of someone's physical presence, is always hard to deal with. Migos member Offset recently sat down with Angela Yee for an episode of her podcast, "Way Up with Angela Yee".

During the conversation, the "Jealousy" rapper was asked about his current mental health state since losing his bandmate and cousin, Takeoff, to gun violence in 2022.

"I cry every day," Offset shared transparently with Yee. "I lost my brother; I'm not healed, I'm not good. We're stars, so people think we're good. But, I'm a real human being. I'm dealing with personal sh*t, too. I play cool and smile for the cameras, but behind the scene, I need my woman to really be there for me while I'm really going through some real sh*t."

The rapper's words sparked an open dialogue on social media whether Black men are given the space and support to properly heal from and deal with grief and loss.

"Men, your mental health matters," Instagram user @elizabethsharelle said. "We see you, we care for you and love you."

Many others rang in with similar sentiments, and other Black men—and women—shared personal stories of how grief has affected them much like Offset.

In an effort to support our male readers—and all readers for that matter—we wanted to share a few Black-led therapy and mental health safe spaces for folks to find their own communities to heal from grief. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of all resources available, we would love for you to share some of your favorites as well.

Black Men Heal: a Black-led organization that offers free virtual and in-person therapy sessions to men of color. The brand also holds group outings and meetups to allow men to openly express themselves amongst their peers.

WalkGood LA: Created by Eitienne Maurice, his cousin Marley Rae and sister Ivy Coco, WalkGood LA has become a community of not only runners and yogis—but the brand also hosts a Black men's healing circle called, YouGood?

The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation: Launched by actress Taraji P. Henson to honor her father, this mental health organization provides free therapy and self-care to HBCU students as well as a running list of Black therapists across the country.

TalkSpace: Although not Black-owned, this online therapy platform offers a range of therapists right at your fingertips. Sessions and communication can be held via text message based on your own schedule.

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM): A full-spectrum community with a range of mental health outlets including: yoga, therapy, art, spiritual leaders and more.