Media spent much of yesterday trying to decipher the motive of a young Chardon, Ohio teen who fired shots on his classmates early Monday morning. According to witnesses, the gunman, T.J. Lane, walked up on five young men in the Chardon High School cafeteria around 7:30am and began shooting. As students ran and crawled to the floor, one student, Daniel Parmertor was killed while the other four—Nick Mueller, Russell King, Nick Walczak and Demetrius Hewlin—still remain in critical to stable conditions. The 17-year-old shooter was found by K-9 units and arrested; he's currently in police custody. 

Lane, who was described by his peers as "normal" and "quiet," was Facebook friends with at least two of the five young men he shot. The high school junior also made a post possibly foreshadowing his actions. "How improper, how rude. However, they shall not mind the mud on my feet if there is blood on your sheet," he wrote on December 20. "Now! Feel death, not just mocking you. Not just stalking you but inside of you. Wriggle and writhe. Feel smaller beneath my might. Seizure in the Pestilence that is my scythe. Die, all of you." Shaken students, administrators, and parents are getting over the shock and awaiting more information. As of Monday afternoon, Lane's Facebook account was deleted. 

Could anything have been done to prevent this tragedy? 

***8:15am EDIT***

​A second student,  Russell King Jr., 17, has died from the shooting.