Several racist incidents that have occurred at Ohio University are currently being investigated and have caused outrage throughout the school's campus, The Post Athens reports.

One incident involved a trash bag with a racist note attached to it that was placed outside of a dormitory. The note on the trash bag had handwritten racist language that included the words “trash n------ b----” with a drawing of two faces and the word “c---” above them. The images went viral after being shared on social media.

“It is distasteful and embarrassing that even in 2022 we have simple-minded people that do ignorant things like this, “the tweet read. “Things like this constantly go unnoticed/ unresolved but we want action and answers.”

Naomi Hamner, a freshman studying pre-nursing, believes the trash bag was intended for her. Other than the resident assistant, she is the only Black student at the end of her hall. She added that the perpetrator must have mistaken someone else’s door for her’s.

“I've never been in this situation before. I've never had that kind of experience. Quite frankly, I didn't think I would have this experience at this … age,” Hamner said. “Reading the message, it really did put a little fear in me, and it kind of made my stomach drop because, in my head, I'm like, ‘How can somebody think of me this way?’”

Hali Bridges, a freshman psychology student and friend of Hamner’s said the trash bag incident was the latest example at the school that has Black students concerned. She said that someone taped a Black baby doll to a door in December 2021 and someone destroyed a Black History Month bulletin board on her floor.

On Monday, the university issued a news release condemning racist behavior, pledging to the student body, faculty, and staff that it will work to hold those accountable who committed the vile acts

“We stand in solidarity with those who were directly affected, and incidents like this ultimately impact all of us,” the news release stated. “We all have a responsibility to care for and treat each other with respect and dignity. Racism is not tolerated on our campuses and does not reflect our values as an institution."

Christopher Brown, a resident assistant in James Hall on West Green, on Monday, a day after the trash bag incident, posted pictures on social media of the aftermath of an individual urinating on his door at 2:30 a.m. Brown said he is the only Black resident assistant on his floor and noted that the person who urinated on his door was a white resident.

University spokesperson Carly Leatherwood said the two incidents did not appear related.

Currently, the university’s Office of Equity and Civil Rights Compliance is reviewing the incidents, Leatherwood said. Along with the police investigation, there will be an internal investigation by the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility.