Los Angeles police detectives are investigating a knife purportedly found some time ago at the former home of O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted of murder charges in the 1994 stabbings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, a police spokesman said Friday.

A citizen supposedly found the knife, possibly during demolition of Simpson’s former home years ago, and turned it over to a now-retired police motorcycle officer who was working as a security guard at a filming location, police Capt. Andy Neiman said.

The knife was being analyzed by an LAPD crime lab for DNA or other material.

It came to light in the past month, but Neiman did not say how that occurred, stressing the authenticity of the story was not confirmed.  “I don’t know why that didn’t happen or if that’s entirely accurate or if this whole story is possibly bogus from the get-go,” Neiman told reporters.

Attorney Carl Douglas who was a part of Simpson’s legal “dream team” that won his 1995 acquittal called the story “ridiculous.”

“It’s amazing how the world cannot move on from this case!” Douglas told The Los Angeles Times. “And it, and the media, is apparently still fascinated by everything O.J. Simpson.”

The account of the knife’s discovery was first reported by TMZ.

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