One day after a Nevada judge granted NFL star, O.J. Simpson, parole in connection to a 2008 Las Vegas robbery incident, he has now been placed in protective custody.

TMZ reports the famed pro athlete was moved to a special housing area at Lovelock Correctional Center where he’s been detained since his sentence began.

Simpson, who did not request the separation, was moved out of the general population and into confined housing after Thursday’s decision to grant him parole became public knowledge.

The media outlet is reporting that the move is to ensure his safety from inmates possibly looking to harm him in order to make a name for themselves.

So far, no specific threats have been recorded regarding O.J.’s life, but there are several inmates serving life sentences with “nothing to lose” at the facility, as well as “opportunists” looking to cause bodily harmor killSimpson before he leaves to elevate their own status.

“It’s in the best interest of O.J. and the prison to make sure that he’s safe and comes out in one piece,” a prison rep told the media outlet.

Simpson is slated to be released on Oct. 1.