Newly released body cam footage shows Oklahoma police pepper-spraying an innocent, 84-year-old woman in her home after they chased her son into the house.

New York Daily News reports that footage of the attack on Geneva Smith surfaced on Friday, just days after she threatened legal action in response to the violent encounter.

Smith said she did nothing to provoke the action, and suffered a panic attack as she sat in jail following the incident for no apparent reason.

The video was obtained by Fox affiliate KOKI. It shows Muskogee police officers storming into Smith’s home while searching for her son, Arthur Paul Blackmon. Officials say Blackmon drove through a stop sign, then ran away from officers into his mother’s house.

In the clip, Smith appears to be confused when police officers enter her home. An officer eventually shoots Blackmon with a Taser as he appears to hold up his hands in surrender. Moments later, the officer, identified as Michelle Casady, warns Smith to, “Turn around and face that way, now, or I’ll spray you” after she demands to know what is going on.

Moments later, Casady sprays Smith in the face and she collapses to the ground as she is handcuffed.

Blackmon was charged with driving under the influence, obstructing an officer, driving with a suspended license and carrying a weapon, officials say. Smith was not charged with a crime, but officers said she failed to comply with orders.

An attorney representing the city told reporters the spray was a reasonable use of force “given the totality of the circumstances.”

Police are investigating.

Photo: KOKI Youtube still image