Monday marked Martin Luther King’s annual National Holiday. To celebrate his tremendous accomplishments, some people did service project. Others participated in youth activities, and then a few Oklahoma students posted a picture to Instagram wearing a dark “beauty” mask.

Here’s the original post and caption:


Wait, what?  Yes, you read that correctly.

The photo was posted to Instagram by “Abbey.lieveicanfly” and immediately garnered lots of negative attention, especially from Black students on campus. While lots of spectators jumped to conclusion about the picture, not everyone assume the girls had ill intent. One student even noted “I wouldn’t think twice about posting a picture with a dark face mask on because I know it’s just a beauty product and no harm is intended,” the student wrote. “Why would it be any different to post a picture in a black/grey face mask on any other day?

After the school’s African-American Twitter account mentioned the incident, OKC’s account responded. See Below:

The post was deleted but no formal form of punishment has been issued. OSU has not released an official statement regarding the incident.

Do you think the students meant to portray blackface or were innocently just wearing a beauty mask?