We get it. Omarosa Manigault is #TeamTrump all of the way.

From her appointment as the president-elect’s Director of African-American Outreach during his campaign to her tweets, public appearances and other means of endorsement, Omarosa backs the Republican businessman 100%.

Now, she’s taking her “influence” a step further by saying that Trump will actually help shatter the glass ceiling.

In an op-ed published on The Hollywood Reporter, the former Apprentice star detailed a personal side of the president-elect “the world has not seen.”

“He does not judge people on their gender or race,” Omarosa wrote. “Look to the past to see what he will do for women in this country.”

Manigault, who is part of Trump’s transition team, said his current business ventures show us that he is committed to equality for women.

“Look at his daughter Ivanka, who is about to take over the company. As early as the ’80s, he has had women in roles as construction managers. That was unprecedented. I believe he will empower women and have them shatter the glass ceiling.”

This is interesting.

It isn’t just interesting because these are sentiments being expressed by an African-American woman. What makes these remarks so interesting is that while we may be able to say that Trump has appointed a couple of women to higher positions, he’s still a man who incites racism, sexism and bigotry.

He’s still a man who advocated for grabbing women “by the p***y,” and his presidential campaign speeches have contained the most hate I’ve witnessed in the public eye associated with a political figure in awhile.

But perhaps I’m missing something. If so, I wish to keep missing it, because if the alternative is regurgitating Omarosa’s remarks, I’m cool on that.