What if one day, we women woke up, tired of the same ol’ shoes to wear with the same ol’ outfits, and we wanted an instant change? Like, at the click of a button, we could instantly have a new pair of shoes in front of us?

Now, what if we said that this wish will soon be granted, in about a few months? Yes. You read correct. Debuting this fall, One Clique Shoes will launch a collection of “shoe separates,” where you can purchase your preferred pieces to create your own one-of-a-kind shoe (or pairs of shoes).

So many women have daydreamed about the day they could change up their shoes as much as they can their outfits. And with One Clique Shoes, we’ll have a buffet of shoe designs!

Head over to One Clique to start creating your own personalized pair today!

Melanie Yvette Martin