In the Black community, our hair is our crowning glory. Whether it’s fro’d up, bumped, braided, twisted or pressed for the Gods, hair is a symbol of our self-expression. Because of this, it’s of the most importance that we show mad love to the people who put our hair care first while also making us feel good about ourselves. Hairdressers keep our hair laid and slayed for any occasion and do their best to elevate our looks, no matter the style. Black hair is beautiful. The ability to embrace it in its totality is the highest practice of self-care. 

Today is Hairstylist Appreciation Day. When you want to show your hairstylist some love, there are multiple ways to do so. Whether tipping them generously during the holidays, promoting their Instagram pages, or sharing their work via word of mouth, highlighting their accomplishments outside of this yearly holiday is always possible. But today is special. Make sure to send your hairstylist a little gratitude in his or her best love language (tip, text promo, etc.) and, in the spirit of elevating those who support our community, here are some amazing hair stylists who truly have shown their range in the hair game.

Loudney Thompson @that_loulou 

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Kahh Spence @kahhspence

Mia Jackson @tokyostylez

Aisha Strickland @chocolatecurlsbeauty

Yusef Williams @yusefhairnyc