Oprah Winfrey has been making her rounds on the media circuit recently, yet this time she's in front of the microphone rather than behind. Speaking out about the status of OWN and her experiences as a media leader, Winfrey has been dropping some pretty motivational interviews, revealing that she is in fact human. In addition to owning up to the extreme difficulty of running a network, the media queen has been quite reflective of her past and how she has made it so far to the top. This includes a heartfelt letter Winfrey pens to her 19 year-old self in the newest issue of her magazine O, the cover of which shows her current self lovingly embracing an image of her younger self.

She tells her " beautiful brown-skinned" teen self that the most important advice she has to give is "to love yourself from your own heart!" She also writes that, "you will have to learn the wounds of your past–rape, molestation, whippings for "stepping out of place," and not being allowed to show anger or cry afterward–damaged your self esteem." While Oprah is clearly a boss, this honest and raw revealing of her humbleness and morality only makes her seem that much more stronger.