Seeing as how Rihanna's "Oprah's Next Chapter" interview garnered massive views for OWN, Oprah has decided to air another interview with a much-talked about pop star. Jennifer Hudson will be the next guest on "Oprah's Next Chapter," undoubtedly speaking about the murder of her mother, nephew and brother, as well as the rumored state of her engagement to David Otunga.

Given that Oprah seemed to skirt around the tough questions with Rihanna regarding her drug use and her role in the incident with Chris Brown, the Queen of Media might do the same with Hudson. However, Hudson appears to be a bit more open to speak about her family's tragedy in 2008 and the conviction of the shooter WIlliam Balfour, considering the trial was highly publicized. The rumors regarding her fiancé and his alleged unwillingness to sign a pre-nup, on the other hand, might be a question on which Oprah treads delicately. Hudson's "Oprah Next Chapter" airs on Sept. 9.