While promoting the film A Wrinkle in Time, Oprah Winfrey took the time to address why she chooses to “take the high road” when confronted by fellow celebrities in the media, with Global Grind asking about President Donald Trump and Mo’Nique, specifically.

“Oh, my gosh. It’s impossible. It’s a law that if you meet negative with negative, you will just have a combusted negative force and negative energy,” she said. “You can’t meet negative energy where it is. You have to rise above it. You have to transcend it.”

Trump recently called the talk show legend “insecure,” and sarcastically encouraged her to run for president, while Mo’Nique has accused Winfrey and others of contributing to her being unjustly blackballed within the entertainment industry. Still, the OWN creator chooses to dismiss what she feels is “negative energy.”

“You can’t meet negative energy where it is. You have to rise above it,” she said. “You have to transcend it. You have to be the light. It only takes a little bit of light to banish the darkness … so I would never stoop to try to meet somebody where they are negatively. Don’t care who they are.”

Check out the clip below.

Mo’Nique has since responded via Twitter, saying while her actions may be perceived as negative, she’s done nothing but tell the truth.