Oprah Winfrey appeared as the first guest on Gwyneth Paltrow’s The Goop Podcast. The billionaire media magnate and the actress have a candid conversation about their careers, the #MeToo movement, and all the books Oprah feels are necessary reads. O also touched on having bad days and how she deals with crisis.

Oprah told Gwyn that when her days go off course, she checks her perspective by looking through documents she owns from slave plantations. She revealed that the papers are some of her most prized possessions. By reading “the names, and ages and prices of the slaves,” she can reflect on all the things she should be grateful to have accomplished.

“I will speak their names out loud — Douglas, and Jenna, and Carrie, and Sarah and Anna — and their ages, and their prices, and remind myself of how far I have come. And no crisis seems that much of a crisis after you look at the names, the ages, the prices of people who were before you — who made this way possible.”

You can listen to the entire episode here.