During her Golden Globes speech this year, Oprah Winfrey made Recy Taylor’s story public knowledge. Taylor, who passed away shortly before the ceremony took place, was raped and beaten back in the Jim Crow era by six White men in 1944. Her case fell on deaf ears and she was never afforded the justice that she deserved.

Now, it appears that Winfrey is doing more than just mentioning her in her speech. NBC reports that the TV mogul and actress recently visited Taylor’s grave.

She reportedly stopped by to pay homage to Taylor while on assignment for CBS’ 60 Minutes in Alabama. Winfrey stopped by Taylor’s gravesite, which is housed in the small rural town of Abbeville.

“I don’t believe in coincidences, but if I did this would be a powerful one,” Winfrey captioned a photo Tuesday on Instagram. “To be able to visit her grave so soon after ‘speaking her name ‘sharing her story, a woman I never knew.”

Mary Joyce Owens, 59, is the granddaughter of the late Taylor. She told NBC that she did not know Winfrey had plans of visiting the grave.

“My heart is just overwhelmed that she [Winfrey] would take time out of her busy schedule to visit my ‘Ma’Dear,’” Owens said in a phone interview. “I could also see my mother’s and sister’s grave in the picture. Just so overwhelming, I just want to thank her.”