There's no denying the power of Oprah. This woman has the ability to secure any interview it seems, and rightly so, given her inherent ability to speak to individuals from all walks of life. In the next episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter," the "Queen of Media" will be interviewing with Shaquan Duley, the mother who confessed to murdering her two young sons and then unsuccessfully tried to cover it up in August 2010. The interview will take place one week before Duley receives sentencing at the detention center in Orangeburg, South Carolina where she has been held for almost two years without bond. 

In addition to meeting with Duley behind bars, Oprah will also be interviewing Duley's mother Helen and her sister Adrian, both of whom she first interviewed on her daytime talk show in September 2010, one month following Duley's arrest. However, the most compelling portion of the episode may be Oprah's interview with Saniya, Duley's 7 year-old daughter who has also had to live through the jailing of her mother and the murder of her young brothers. "Oprah's Next Chapter" will air on Sunday April, 1 at 9PM EST on the OWN network.

Do these "Next Chapter" interviews have the same intriguing qualities as the interviews Oprah held on her daytime talk show? Or, are these interviews with controversial families meant to mainly boost OWN's ratings?