Burgeoning filmmaker Ava DuVernay's new film, “Middle of Nowhere,” which opens this Friday, has been receiving quite a bit of buzz. Rave reviews, Sundance Awards, and now a direct endorsement from Oprah Winfrey herself.

From Oprah's Twitter account:

@AVAETC saw your movie @MiddleNowhere. Excellent job especially with no money. Bravo to you my sistah.

In 2011, she debuted “I Will Follow.” The film stars Sali Richardson-Whitfield who played Maye–a woman who has taken time off from her successful art career to care for her sick aunt. Critic Roger Ebert called it “…one of the best films I’ve seen about…the death of a loved one.”

“Middle of Nowhere,” which earned Ava the 2012 Sundance Film Festival prize for Best Director of a Drama (the first for a Black woman), stars Emayatzy Corinealdi as Ruby, a woman who drops out of medical school to focus on the well-being of her husband when he’s sentenced to eight years in prison.