Oprah and $2 million enter a bank … and it was only to see if anything’s changed in the past 29 years.

On “Ellen’s Show Me More Show,” a partnership between popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and Youtube, Ms. Winfrey shared her experience going to a bank for the first time since 1988.

“I wanted to go there just to do it, just to see,” she told Ellen. “It felt fantastic.”

When asked why she went to the bank, the billionaire casually replied: “to deposit a million dollars.”

Ellen acknowledged it’s been a while since she’s last gone to the bank as well … but her check was just a mere $5,000.

Check out the full clip from the Oct. 10 “Show Me More Show” below. Oprah also reveals her favorite “O” word is Oreo—Ellen’s is Oprah. How cute.