Oprah Winfrey delivered the keynote address at the 10th annual Women in the World Summit on Wednesday. During her speech, Winfrey praised women for their dedication to saving the world.

"Save yourself, and then offer what you know to save your family, and then your community, and then the world, "she said.

Winfrey claims women have been saving the world for years. "We women people, we are used to saving other folks," she stated. "We've been doing it a very long time and we need to first and foremost honor the sacred time of saving ourselves because that is where our greatest power lies," the veteran talk show host added.

She also provided details of how way women enact change on a daily basis.

"We are there for our aging parents, we are there for divorcing friends and scary teenagers, we’re good listeners and we are bada**es, and above all, we show up," Winfrey said. "Can women save the world? I say we’ve been doing exactly that."

Winfrey joined the likes of Stacey Abrams, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Anna Wintour, who all participated in the three-day panel discussion.

The Women in the World Summit was created to "confront society most pressing issues; from human rights violations to climate change, social media misinformation to reproductive rights, and how to solve these problems as women, together," a press release for the panel explained.

Watch her keynote speech below: