A knife-wielding White woman in Oregon went on a racist tirade and attacked a Black couple over a parking spot and it was all captured on video.

Emora Roberson, 20, said she was driving with boyfriend, 15-month-old daughter and her aunt on Christmas Eve when she stopped at a strip mall to pick up additional gifts.

She said that a White woman pulled up in a pickup truck next to their vehicle and started shouting racist slurs at them because of the way her aunt parked the car.

“My daughter was fast asleep, and this woman was basically trying to get into our car,” she told The Oregonian. Adding that the woman slapped her boyfriend and spit on them.

In the video posted by Roberson, the woman is holding a knife and screaming at the couple when Roberson mentions that the lady looks like she’s going to stab her boyfriend Keysuan Goodyear.

“No, it’s called self-defense, you stupid, Ni**er b*tch,” the woman says in the video.

The White woman appears to get in her vehicle while hurling more racist slurs toward the family.

“We eventually drove off. We still had Christmas shopping to do,” Roberson said. “My daughter woke up and was crying her head off.”

She added that she contacted the McMinnville police about the incident, who confirmed with The Oregonian on Friday that the incident is being investigated.