The stories of innocent victims of fatal police brutality have been known to grace newspapers and news television, but rarely have these stories been remembered on the silver screen. Now, Academy-Award winning actor Forest Whitaker and Nina Young have decided to produce "Fruitvale," the story of Oscar Grant, the 22 year old Black man fatally shot by police officers on a subway platform in Oakland, California. Breakout star Michael B. Jordan of "Red Tails" will be playing the lead role of Oscar Grant, while "The Help" Oscar winner Octavia Spencer will portray Grant's mother.

Rounding out the talented cast are Tristan Wilds, also of "Red Tails," cast as Grant's close friend and indie-darling Melonie Diaz of "Raising Victor Vargas," in the role of the mother to Grant's child. Newcomer filmmaker Ryan Coogler will be making his feature debut with this topical film. In the wake of the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin and the growing number of other Black fatalities around the country, this film is not only poised to be an excellent film given the talent involved, but also shed the beaming light of awareness as only Hollywood can.