Stop the presses. Literally. Oscars shenanigans continue days after the event.

So, it wasn’t enough that the triumphant team from Moonlight didn’t even get their due time to thank their family, friends and the great Gawd above because of some PricewaterHouse Cooper foolery with the envelopes at the Oscars the other night?

Now, the purveyors of OscarsSoMoonlight, gotta share cover space with the La La Land folk who (accidentally, of course) gobbled up their huge Oscar moment?

Replay the cringe-inducing series of unfortunate events here.

(Ugh, that still makes me slink down in my seat.)

It’s okay that they stayed in the limelight a bit longer than needed.

I’m fine with the fact that people crowned La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz a folk hero the next day because of his grace under pressure giving up old Oscar to the next man. (I mean, what was he going to do though. Tuck it under his arm and run for the hills?  He seems like a good guy, but Mount Rushmore material? Nah.)

It’s even alright that there was a La La Palooza on TV all of the next day to talk about what it was like to think their dreams came true than have them snatched away by the envelope elves.

But Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins (and the rest of his squad) are owed every inch of ink on this cover. Every dang inch.

Anything else is uncivilized.

What do you think EBONY family?

Did Barry Jenkins deserve a different cover? Or is the real story the “grace under fire.”  You tell me.