Our July cover star Martin Lawrence's mastery of various comedic styles is what has made him a living legend. It was on his namesake show Martin that he showed what a comedy titan he really is. Through physical bits that had us busting at the seams to coining some of the most culturally recognizable catchphrases, the personalities Lawrence created are truly one of a kind.

Here are some of the most memorable characters from Martin that he embodied—can you recognize them all?

Sheneneh Jenkins

Everyone has that one neighbor who is memorable for many reasons—some of them good and some bad. Sheneneh Jenkins epitomizes the persona of a homegirl from around the way who might get on your nerves but you still can’t help but to love. A cosmetologist, Sheneneh was always hip to the latest street fashions and gossip. But she will always remind you not to get it twisted— she's a lady.

Edna “Momma” Payne

Let's face it—no one loves you more than your mother and this is beyond truthful when it comes to Martin's dynamic with his mama. Edna Payne doesn't play about her baby boy and is quick to "get to slicing" if anyone does her wrong. Always looking for a moment to have it out with Martin's "applehead" girlfriend Gina, Momma Payne is dedicated to who she loves and who she doesn't. Whether physically in a scene or not, the presence of Mama Payne is always felt on the show.


"If you know the song, sing along!" Whenever Jerome is in the house, you know some mess is bound to happen. The definition of a true playa, you can spot Jerome from a mile away whether it be by his signature theme song, mean swagger or his gold grills. One has to admit that the man is smooth in his own way.

Ol’ Otis

A "old timer" who is always down to set anyone straight when they get out of line, Ol' Otis is a community figure whose nonsensical actions always get him— and others— into trouble. Although usually well-meaning, Otis' snap judgements tend to less than favorable outcomes.

Dragonfly Jones

A connoisseur of completely neglecting to follow basic rules of martial arts, Dragonfly Jones is the culmination of having heart but lack of talent. Even if he is always up to defend his own honor, he unfortunately never wins the battle. You've got to admire his determination, though.


Bebe's Kids had nothing on little Roscoe from down the hall. Usually left home alone without adult supervision, Roscoe is truly a menace. From finessing folks out their homes and cheating people out of money, folks better watch out when this young boy is around.

Elroy Preston 

Whatchu know no good? Well, if you don't know, Elroy Preston will be quick to tell you. A half decent mechanic and one hit wonder who also is the self-proclaimed Godfather of Black Surf Music, Elroy Preston symbolizes rooting for yourself and your dreams even if no one else will.