Afghan police struggled to quell demonstrators who have been protesting in the streets of Kubal for three days; a response to a Quran burning at an American base in the Middle Eastern country. An extreme insult to the Muslim faith, this has been regarded as a huge setback for government relations. President Obama responded by sending a letter of apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday assuring him that an investigation will be made to find out who is responsible. 

The upset spread throughout the country as crowds have been shouting "death to Obama," U.S. flags have been burned, and a French military base was attacked — all in addition to the Taliban urging people to harm all invading forces. Two NATO soldiers and at least six Afghans have been killed in the demonstrations. "This is not just about dishonoring the Quran, it is about disrespecting our dead and killing our children" a disgruntled protester said. "They burn our Quran, and then they apologize. You can’t just disrespect our holy book and kill our innocent children and make a small apology."

What will it take for the violence and protests to end? Is it possible that someone in U.S. personnel conspired to cause this setback for the current administration?