Sneakers, tennis shoes, trainers… no matter what you call them, the one thing that always rings true is that a fresh and fly pair will get you through it every time. Many of our fondest coming-of-age stories include meticulous details of the kicks that we or someone else were rocking. Sneakerheads have obsessed over, camped out and even risked our lives for these colorful combinations of leather and rubber.

Those who consider themselves sneakerheads have definitely have had to explain themselves to their peers, parents and significant others about why on earth they’d commit so much time, space, energy and money on “just shoes.” To those who know the struggle: prepare to have your efforts validated in the form of an exhibit at a fine arts museum.

The Rise of Sneaker Culture—currently showing at the Brooklyn Museum through October 4 as part of a four-city tour—not only speaks to the origins of sneaker culture, but also its influence on overall style, sports and pop culture. The exhibition includes around 150 pairs of sneakers, ranging from athletic standards like Nike, Converse and Adidas to luxury brands like Prada and Christian Louboutin, as well as sneakers from the private collections of celebrities and esteemed sneakerheads.

The Rise of Sneaker Culture comes complete with historical data, videos and images. No matter what your sneaker knowledge level is, you’ll be sure to some soak up some serious game.—Aaron Rhodan

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