Oxford University’s chancellor says he will not “rewrite history” in response to a student-led campagin to remove a statue of 19th century colonialist Cecil Rhodes from one of the university’s colleges.

The movement, inspired by protests at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, which led to its statue of Rhodes being removed last April, the “Rhodes Must Fall Oxford” campaign says the statue housed at Oriel College celebrates a “brutal racist.”

The dispute is one of many university controversies about issues related to history and identity. In the U.S., college campuses saw many protests about the relevance of the Confederate flag on their educational grounds. Yale University students were among several campuses that called Halloween costumes into question that offended minorities.

The decision to remove the Rhodes statue will be made byby Oriel, one of 38 colleges that make up the university. Officials say steps will be taken to improve the representation and experience of students from minority backgrounds at the institution. It will launch a six-month consultation on whether to pull down the statue.

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