PANGAIA just dropped a new denim collection conceived entirely from a new proprietary material called Panhemp, a plant-based fabric derived from organic cotton and rain-fed hemp that is then dyed with natural indigo from the Indigofera plant. The inclusive, sustainable collection is available in four, genderless styles, including straight-legged jeans, a cropped denim jacket, high-waisted jeans, and a denim shearling jacket, with prices capping at $295.

PANAGAIA, best known for their ultra-comfy sweats, is dipping into the denim world and changing how we shop for jeans which for most people can be a difficult task. Starting Thursday, customers can create custom fits using the Upsun app. The phone app utilizes 3D body scan technology and AI technology to personalize your own perfect-fitting pair.

“We feel it's extremely fitting that PANGAIA means"all-inclusive mother earth" because Unspun's collaboration with PANGAIA brings both inclusivity(through everybody custom fit)and sustainability(through zero inventory and new-age materials)to the main stage. This is a powerhouse collaboration between a beautiful product made of dreamy, environmentally-friendly materials and technology that brings fashion into the next century,” says Beth Esponnette, a co-founder of Unspun.

PANGAIA Cropped Hemp Denim Jacket, $225,
PANGAIA Hemp Denim Straight-Leg Jeans, $195,
PANGAIA Cropped Hemp Denim Jacket, $225,
PANGAIA Nettle Denim Straight Leg Jeans, $225,