Small gestures may seem just that: small. But when it comes to showing love to your partner, they can net big results. Even the simplest tokens of your affection can help to keep the spark alive and will remind your partner that they are indeed loved.  When you have a new baby in the home, it is particularly important to show how much you still care about your better half. 

Leave a note in your lover's brief case or wallet.  Slip a note in the little one's diaper bag so the next time Mommy or Daddy grabs a diaper on the go, he or she is reminded of your love and appreciation. Place a Hallmark card on the dinner plate when it is not a special occasion. Stop for a quick kiss as you pass each other throughout the day or evening.  These small gestures go a long way!

Date nights are a must! They can be a great way to focus back on the love that brought you two together in the first place to create this little one. If Mom is on maternity leave, let Dad handle the planning—-it gives him something to take charge of since you've likely been the captain of the baby ship. Remind each other that you're not just parents, but hot, sexy people in love. 

Can't get a sitter or someone to watch the baby? Put the kids to bed early in order to spend quality time with one another. Order your favorite take out and watch a movie together while the baby sleeps.

Remember: "first comes love."  So once you get the green light to resume your sex life…GO! Communicate with your partner if things feel uncomfortable and let them know what makes you feel at ease. Moms, make sure you have discussed with your doctor what to do if you don't want to get pregnant again right away…unless you like the idea of Irish twins, that is. 

Loving behavior between couples will greatly benefit your child's early years. These will be early impressions that will influence their future. It will help shape your child's sense of love and stability that is felt in the home. Happy parents in a happy home are in your child's best interest, so do not neglect your spouse upon arrival of baby and remember to keep the love alive!