Breakout director Dee Rees of the highly acclaimed and awarded "Pariah" has finally been officially attached to an upcoming project, according to Variety. Partnering up with producer Mike Lobell and writer Frederic Raphael, who penned Stanley Kubrick's iconic film "Eyes Wide Shut," Rees is set to direct "This Man, This Woman," an indie love film that has been in development for a whopping 17 years. The film centers on a divorced couple who, when faced with a tragedy, begin to reminisce about and rekindle their relationship while seated next to one another on a plane. 

Apparently, Lobell had been so blown away by Rees' directorial work and writing in "Pariah," that he contacted her reps at WME and pitched a lunch meeting between himself and the director to discuss having Rees helm the film. The lunch allegedly resulted in a three-hour meeting at Lobell's home which ended in Rees being signed on to direct. Now that producer and filmmaker have been set, the next phase for this project will be casting and finding financial backing. In addition to "This Man, This Woman," Rees will also be working with award winner Viola Davis on an untitled HBO series and with Focus Features on the Southern-set thriller "Bolo." Having won the favor of critics and audiences alike, as well as the highly coveted John Cassavetes Award at the Independent Spirit Awards, Rees seems to have a bright and lasting future on her hands.