NeNe Leakes isn’t having the best couple of weeks.

Days after being confronted about a rape joke, legendary comedian Paul Mooney is calling out the reality star and aspiring stand-up for not knowing the greats, like him.

Mooney took to Twitter to blast Leakes, sharing a photo of the two hugged up and smiling along with a caption indicating the star was simply keeping it cordial.

He went on to say that anyone interested in stand-up comedy should know who he is, but apparently the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was clueless.

Fans then asked if she could’ve been joking about not knowing him, to which Mooney responded, “No joke, her husband took her aside, whispered in her ear and then the fake began!”

The self-proclaimed “glam-ma” hasn’t had the best luck in her comedy career thus far.  At her recent show in Oakland, Calif., she told a heckler, “I hope your Uber driver rapes you.” Leakes has since apologized, but she lost her gig hosting the Xscape reunion tour over the comment.

Mooney is an iconic comic voice and writer, best known for his work with Richard Pryor.

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