The warm days of summer are fast approaching, and with them, the getaways we have been planning for the last few months. Although planning the entire itinerary step by step and finding the perfect hotel are two of the most important things when organizing a trip, all fashion lovers know vacation wardrobes and accessories deserve equal attention. That's why, whether it is for that long-awaited vacation or just to go out of the city for a weekend, it is essential to have the right travel bag. It must be spacious, comfortable, cool, and trendy.

When selecting a bag, you should consider not just how it looks or if it’s from a popular brand, but also, the various way in which you intend to use it. For example, there are totes perfectly designed for long plane rides or days spent at the beach. In addition, you should seek out a bag that is made of a resistant material and is versatile.

The perfect travel bag can help you to navigate your excursions with greater ease, which is why it’s important to choose the right one based on the type of traveler you are. With so many options on the market, we know that it can be overwhelming to browse through countless sites. But don't worry, we did the footwork for you.

Here are some of the most practical, spacious, comfortable, and, of course, fabulous travel bags on the market. Take a look and choose your favorite.

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Haven Laptop Tote Bag
The perfect companion for business woman.

Price: $178

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Rae Tote
Classic and chic for the bougie traveler.

Price: $750

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Kate Spade
Manhattan Spade Flower Chenille Large Tote
If you overpack, this tote will be your best travel partner.

Price: $349

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M. Gemi
The Vania Tote
Ideal to carry from the airport to the beach.

Price: $248

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Diamond Two-Tone Tote
Another perfect bag to carry in the city, through the airport, and to the beach.

Price: $495

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The Weekender
Practical, spacious, and easy to carry.

Price: $108

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Mark & Graham
Concourse Vegan Leather Boarding Bag
An elegant accessory you can personalize.

Price: $199

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