Between the Academy Awards and a sizable jump in movie sales, it was a huge weekend for Hollywood. Coming in at number one at the box office was new release "Act of Valor," Relativity Film's R-rated, action packed project featuring a cast of real life Navy SEALs. Despite being independently financed with a low-budget cost, "Act of Valor" held down the number one spot in theaters throughout the weekend, grossing a whopping $24.7 million in total. Coming in at number two was "Good Deeds," Tyler Perry's latest romantic drama starring himself, Gabrielle Union and Thandie Newton. The film grossed $16 million this weekend, a moderately low number for Perry. But, "Good Deeds" had a small budget of $15 million, which means Lionsgate will be making another pretty penny from Perry's latest.

Both films scored an A rating on CinemaScore from audiences, so it makes sense that they trumped flops like Jennifer Aniston's comedy "Wanderlust" and the low-scoring thriller "Gone." "Act of Valor" and "Good Deeds" also feature Black characters, a major plus for diversity in film. Combine that with Octavia Spencer's recent Oscar win and the overall success of Viola Davis this award season and Hollywood just might very well have a change on its hands.

Have movies regained their luster of old? Or should this spike in ticket sales simply be chalked up to awards season?