By the time I graduated from college, I had lived in nine cities on three continents. The current count is a total of 12 cities. I’ve been married twice, and I’ve never worked for one company longer than four years. There’s a part of me that longs for constancy, but that was not the path on which I was placed at an early age. And I also have a restless questing energy that always leads me on different adventures.

As the EBONY team and I were thinking about all the tips and tools we wanted to include in this makeover issue to help you achieve the life you really want, I realized that I am actually an expert on the topic, having transformed my own life more times than most would find comfortable. What I have learned as I have gone on this wild ride is that the one thing I can totally count on is my ability to “find my happy.” This can be a challenge when your life circumstances shift dramatically. I’ve found, however, that my ability to have a good time and feel free with anyone in any environment has saved me when the life changes were not of my choosing, and this has allowed me to stay open to opportunity when I wanted to experience something new.

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