Public transportation isn’t always fun. It’s dirty, loud and downright disgusting at times, but it certainly gets you from point A to point B.

Here are four personality types that you are bound to run into on public transportation.

1. The Preachy Passenger

My lord. You want nothing more than to simply ride the bus, train or airplane in peace but dammit if you aren’t bombarded with a transportation reverend. We understand that you may feel called to spread the word, but sometimes folks just want to chill after work. 

2. The Bike Commuter

You’re running late for work, and while it’s your fault, that pesky bike commuter always manages to get on the bus that YOU are on FIRST. You have only three stops max before your destination, but this particular type of commuter always tends to fumble while placing their bike on the front rails for a minimum of five minutes. Just get out of the way already!

3. The “Entrepreneur”

The train is your place to make deals that you would not be able to make in department stores. If you want socks, CDs, loose squares or frooties, the sock man has got you covered!

4. The Motormouth

This person is loud as ever while talking on the phone despite the bus being full of other passengers who he or she doesn’t know. You’re annoyed by their conversation, but you are also secretly thanking God that you’re not the one on the other line because the whole bus would know your business!

Bonus* The Angry Bus Driver

We get it. Dealing with the many personalities of the public can be exhausting, but you knew what you signed up for when you took this job. Don’t take out your unhappiness on us. We’re just trying to pay our fare and get to our destination.